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We used Sue for the birth of our first baby, a boy, born in September last year. I’d heard good things about Hypnobirthing and was keen to try anything to make the birth experience more relaxed, for the benefit of both me and my baby.  We did the Hypnobirthing course with Sue and we were lucky enough to have Sue with us as a doula at the birth. The result was better than I’d imagined; a quick labour with only natural pain relief and a healthy alert baby boy.  We couldn’t have done it without Sue and the visits afterwards, to support with breastfeeding, were also invaluable. Sue is kind, calm and knowledgeable which helped us immensely.

​​Sue provided a personal hypnobirthing course for us prior to the birth of our baby in June. She immediately put us at ease with her friendly and calm nature and it is clear she carries years of knowledge and experience around pregnancy, childbirth and baby care. We found the course informative, comprehensive and valuable. Sue is patient, leaves plenty of time for practice and questions, plus we really appreciated her lending us booklets and her tens machine. We highly recommend Sue and thank her for helping us have a good birth.

The most valuable gift you can give someone is support, Sue delivers both emotional and physical support, Simply amazing.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a doula for my second birth after the traumatic birth of my son.  It’s been incredibly emotional for me, there’s no way we would of got through it without Sue,the support and advice she gave us throughout my pregnancy and Caesarian was amazing. I was sceptical at first about the Hypnobirthing but the strength it gave me on the day was incredible. She has made me a better and stronger mother and I can’t thank her enough for what she’s given me and my family.

Sue is wonderful and my husband and I are very glad we met her. She helped by showing us hypnobirthing and also by being there with us on the day. I know the experience would have been much less manageable without her support, and the visits afterwards are lovely also.  One of the main benefits was that she guided us towards confidence, and helped us to prepare ourselves with the full picture and balanced information before making decisions.

I can’t recommend Sue enough. It was easy to feel comfortable with her, she’s so passionate about her work and wants to see her clients empowered and satisfied with their decisions surrounding birth, whatever they may be. The hypnobirthing course was full of information delivered over several weeks so we could process it bit by bit.  I didn't fear birth and actually looked forward to it. It was a really positive experience and I still look back at my daughter's birth as one of the most empowering days of my life!  And this I credit to Sue and hypnobirthing.

Having Sue teach us the mindset of hypnobirthing in the comfort of our own home was the best investment I have ever made.  The birth of my baby was something that I will look back on forever as such a positive experience as hypnobirthing gave me all the tools I needed to feel completely calm, in control and comfortable throughout.  It was a priceless experience and I cannot recommend Sue highly enough.  Words really don't do justice to how much hypnobirthing and Sue's support helped me achieve the birth experience I really wanted.  It was simply the most empowering experience of my life.  I will be forever grateful to have had Sue's incredible support!

We did the hypnobirthing course with Sue and and result was better than I'd ever imagined:  a quick labour with only natural pain relief and a healthy alert baby boy.  We couldn't have done it without Sue - she is so kind, calm and knowledgeable which helped us immensely.