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Hypnobirth Pricing

Hypnobirthing Doula:  £900.00

As  your birth doula, I will teach you hypnobirthing techniques to support you through the final few weeks of pregnancy, during labour and the birth.  This includes the following:-

  • A free, no-obligation initial consultation to meet me, ask questions and see if I am the right doula for you

  • Four 2 - 3 hour hypnobirthing antenatal sessions, taking place from weeks 28 onwards.  This includes creating your birth preferences and we will talk about and discuss any concerns you may have.

  • On call period - from week 38 until week 42, during which time, I am available via text, email or telephone.

  • Continuous care during labour and birth from the time you want me to come and support you until you are happily settled with your new baby.  This includes assistance with relaxation, breathing techniques, movement, positions, visualisations and massage if required.

  • Any assistance required with breast or formula feeding after the birth of your baby

  • Two postnatal meetings at around 1 week and 4 weeks after birth to debrief the birth and to clarify anything that is unclear for new parents.

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course 

Private 1:1 lessons £375 per couple:  

If you are interested in learning more about how hypnobirthing can help you have a calm, relaxed, gentle birth, then please message me for further details.   Group or 1:1 courses, includeI the following:-

  • A 10/12 hour hypnobirthing course, over 4 sessions

  • Introduction to hypnobirthing

  • The physiological process of birth

  • Guided visualisations

  • Massage techniques

  • Breathing exercises

  • Confidence building

  • Birth preparation

  • Information about your choices for birth

  • Phone support up to and following the birth

Distance Antenatal course using Skype

I am able to offer exactly the same course using Skype for those people who find it difficult to work to a fixed timetable

Refresher Course For Couples -£100.00 per Couple

4 hour course

  • Review of physiological process of birth

  • Recap of breathing techniques

  • Review visualisations and relaxation techniques

  • Confidence building

  • Birth preparation and information

​​​Doula Access Fund

For those clients without the financial means or family support to afford a Doula I frequently work with clients using the Doula Access Fund. This means that I volunteer my hours to support those clients who would not normally have had access to doula support.  If you require more information on the Doula Access Fund and to find out if you would be eligible for their support, please contact me.